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What should we pay attention to in the process of container loading?

What should we pay attention to in the process of container loading?

Update Time:2019/5/23
In the process of container loading, there are always some matters needing attention of shippers. These matters are not very important in themselves, but if we can pay attention to them, they may be of great help to the shipper's work. Today, Xiaobian will tidy up for you, container loading process, cargo owners need to pay attention to what matters.

1. After the container is towed, first of all, the integrity of the container should be checked to see if there is any damage in the container, and check the box number with the box paper to ensure that the box number is correct. At the same time, the shipper also needs to keep the lead seal and record the specific lead seal.

2. When calculating the packing plan, we should pay attention to the fact that each corner of the upper left/upper right corner of the container has a projection, so we should leave about 10x10x15CM space for loading.

3. Cartons are not standard parts. Before packing, it is necessary to measure its length, width and height. We can not simply listen to the original data from the carton factory. In many cases, the cardboard boxes with cargo will bulge slightly in the middle, so it is more correct to keep about two centimeters of space around the inside of the container when calculating the volume.

4. It is better to pack the new plan along the side line first to ensure that the length, width and height are suitable, and then to fill it compactly.

5. When packing, especially at the beginning, the goods must be compacted as closely as possible. In principle, it is preferable to deliver the goods in the final comparisons while packing, but also to ensure tightness at the beginning of packing.

6. Cartons are usually elastic and will naturally become denser after stacking. Therefore, before packing, we should first communicate with the loading and unloading foreman to give him a general idea of the packing plan. But we should not slacken off and delegate the packing to the workers. You know, when people do manual work, they are not able to use their brains soberly, so they should pay attention to the supervision of the goods beside them.

7. Don't accept the porter's suggestions unless it's obvious. This is mainly because in many cases, these suggestions are based on labor saving and convenience rather than packing as reasonably as possible. Keep in mind that when something goes wrong in the packing process, the responsibility is also on the cargo owner, not on the loading and unloading workers.

8. Short and medium nylon stockings with silica gel particles are a cost-saving and effective moistureproof method, and will not occupy space. A 20-foot container will lose four or five bags.

Above are some matters needing attention when packing containers. In order to successfully complete container packing, we must understand these matters, so as to avoid unnecessary problems in cargo transportation and ensure the normal transport of cargo owners.