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Product Inspection

QTS can provide professional inspection services with competitive price to the customers worldwide!

QTS can provide all kinds of products quality assurance inspections, including full check and on-line inspections/process inspections/final random inspections/Pre-shipment inspections.

 Choose a good inspection company, and No Compromise to the Quality!

Container Tracking/Loading

Contaier Tracking/loading inspection is to make sure the goods loaded is what customer's required quantity/models and the whole container under good conditions.

No any damaged,oil,holes for the containers, container inspection is to supervise the whole loading process in factory's site.

Container Tracking/loading inspection will verify the goods loaded and quantity to make sure no short shipment, to ensure the goods' completeness and safety! Since it may cause goods to be damaged if too much empty space.

In all, container Tracking/loading inspection is to make you know everything is under controlling.

Supplier Management(Factory/Social Audit)

QTS can provide simple and detailed factory audit which can help to know if it is true factory, the factory's status, production capability,quality system etc. With a rough idea about the factory, you can place the orders more safely to avoid long term delay or a hidden risk.

QT inspection is a quality control services company performing ethical and manufacturing audits for brands, retailers and importers worldwide. With detailed audit for the whole factory systems on site, checking relative documents and record to know if the factory can meet your requirement.

Free Value-added Services
QTS can provide some additional value-added services free of charge, such as: following up order status, reserve hotel,be your coordinator etc, to improve the efficiency due to time difference.
Service procedure

QTS can provide professional services with competitive price to the customers worldwide!