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Development of Container Industry


    Development of Container Industry

    Apr 12,2019

    Development status

    At present, China is the world's largest container manufacturer, and has created three world first in this field of production. The annual production capacity of containers in China has reached 5.8 million TEU (standard box), ranking the first in the world; the specifications and varieties of containers are the first in the world; the production of containers in China ranges from dry containers to general cargo containers, as well as special containers and container trucks. The specifications and varieties of containers have reached more than 900, which can meet various transportation needs; the production and sales of containers are the first in the world, and the production and The volume is 3.92 million TEUs, of which China's container production and sales have reached 3.74 million TEUs. After the financial crisis, the global container cargo volume can not be restored to its former prosperity overnight, but tends to recover slowly. In November 2010, U.S. imports rose 14.2% from the lowest level in 2009 in the same period last year. However, this is also the third consecutive month that imported boxes are lower than the same period in 2008. According to teu, the volume of imported containers in the United States fell slightly by 0.9% in November compared with October, but increased by 14.23% compared with November 2009. In terms of box count, the import volume in November rose slightly by 0.2% compared with October, and by 14% compared with the same period last year. In addition, from 2010 to the present, the number of imported boxes increased by 14.2% compared with that in 2009, but decreased slightly by 1.2% compared with that in 2008. In the same period, according to teu, the volume of imported boxes increased by 15.9% year on year, but decreased by nearly 1% compared with 2008.

    Forecast of Folding Prospect

    In 2011, the growth of container market volume has not changed steadily. The supply-demand relationship in container market is relatively stable, but there is still pressure of excess capacity. The supply-demand situation will not be better than that in 2010. It is not the demand side that bothers the shipping industry. It is expected that the global economy and trade will continue to recover in 2011, and the demand of container transport market will grow further, with an increase of about 8%. However, due to the slow economic and trade recovery in general and the gradual fading out of economic stimulus measures in the future, it is estimated that the growth of market volume in 2011 may have a small fluctuation, but overall does not change the steady upward momentum. In the global shipping market, the status of emerging markets such as China and India in the global container shipping pattern will continue to rise. The proportion of container throughput of emerging markets such as the Middle East and Latin America in the global container shipping market is also rising. Consumption of developed economies such as the United States and the euro zone may remain weak and economic growth is weak. Transportation is a common concern in the industry. For quite a long time, the pressure of oversupply in shipping market will continue. As of early September 2010, orders for oil tankers, cargo ships and container ships still accounted for 28.5%, 54.5% and 24.9% of the existing fleet, respectively. With the recovery of the market, some companies restarted their shipbuilding plans and new orders increased rapidly.